Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Maybe its time to move on

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

i am really tired to blog much but....

ITS GREAT TO BE BACK!!! (: (: (:

you have no idea how much i missed y'all!

like really really

like seriously

but its all good now again

then i realized we are getting old

and starting to leave

one by one

but while the good times last

let 'em ROLL

(EQ is exactly as you imagine it to be. Institute is funnnn. Friends are just the bomb)

and i hope you you and you are looking at this. because yes i was talking about you (:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I wanted to start this section this for a longgggg time but the push came from Marion's profile update "I need to lose weight" and so on Facebook and my blog
, I shall unravel the do's and don'ts of weight lost and healthy living (: You are tagged in this because you might have shown interest in this topic in the past, or you are a pro in this area and can share your experience and advice (that will also be added onto my blog). Whatever category you are in, leave comments on what you want to know. And OF COURSE! Share this information with others.

(All information obtained from my study of sports science and psychology, from my 2 coaches, and from research and personal experience.)

When it comes to dieting, everyone wants to be a loser. But only 10 percent of people who manage to drop pounds also manage never to see them again. But how do you keep those numbers down? The successful losers didn't turn to wacky eating plans or fad diets. In fact many people successfully lose weight, but adopt changes that hurt their body internally. Instead, what really works is common sense- modification of diet and increased physical activity to change caloric balance.
The following posts will be dedicated to showing you how to do just that.

Lets start talking first about food portions.

So! If you can count 3,2,1, then you are more or less ready to go.
3 part Carbs, 2 part protein, 1 part fat.
This is the healthy ratio that you should keep for your meals.

However make sure you select carbs that have a low GI and high fiber. Carbs with low Glycemic Index rating and high fiber content would give you a greater sense of fullness meaning you will not feel hungry so often (as much as possible, ensure that you have at least 34grams of fiber daily). Such carb options include Quinoa, beans, bown rice. Remember, as much as possible, stay away from white rice, white bread etc. White flour=bleached flour=unnatural=not good. So stick with the natural wheat and wholemeal stuff.

Lets just skip right on to fats. Yes fats are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! But there are healthy fats, and there are unhealthy fats. A GREAT example of healthy fats are nuts.
I honestly think this is fascinating. Eat nuts 5 times or more a week and you reduce your chance of getting a heart disease by about 60%. It is also found that people who eat nuts tend to become thinner. On top of that, if you eat nuts 5 times a week, add 2.5 years to your life! AMAZING ain't it? But what then are the best nuts to eat. Research says that almonds are. Almonds are high in protein and heart friendly (: Try getting those natural ones. If you must, roast them. They taste good that way. Make sure your almonds have a low salt content though (:

So that's it for this 1st post. More on weight lost, nutrition and healthy living coming right up! Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tell me its a miracle. I got caught in a storm while biking to school. my laptop got wet, my books soaked, my money crumpling apart now but my temple recommend does not have a drop of water on it at all.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Combined shanghai-beijing district youth conference 2010!

Finally the tests are over. WHOOHOOO! all the AP tests. whee.
So finally back to blogging. Nutrition. Food intake. We talked about what to eat now we will talk about how much to eat.
If you can countdown 3,2,1 then you are more or less ready to go.

3 part carbs, 2 part protein, 1 part fat. This should be your intake of food in that proportion. Of course ensure that you have an almost equal proportion of veg. and fruits as you have carbohydrates. Lets talk abit about why these proportions.

Well physiologically speaking, your body can do without carbs. All it really needs for energy are protein and fats. Yet, it is advised that we eat more carbs. WHy? Carbs are easy to digest. And in our fast paced life, we need food that we can process fast, food that can give us energy fast. Thats why we load up on carbs. Its not the healthiest food (in fact, the nutrition per gram value that carbs give is the lowest of almost all food) but we are asked all the same to ensure we have a high portion of carbs. But since we need carbs, what kind of carbs should we consume. I'm rather sure our diet revolves around white rice, white bread etc. The thing is that white rice is white and white flour is white because it has been polished, bleached and processed. In other words, most nutrients are removed. Healthier option of carbs include Quinoa, brown rice, wholemeal bread etc.

and so how often should we eat? It is good to eat 6 times a day. 3 main meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 3 snacks in between each meal. Try to eat something every 2 hours. Your body needs food. If it doesn't get the energy it needs, it will go into starvation mode. Starvation mode means that the next time you eat, the food will be converted into fats in preparation for another starvation run. This is why breakfast is the most important meal. Not because its in the morning -.- its because your body has gone (hopefully) 9hrs without food. say you skip breakfast and eat lunch only at 12, your body would have gone about 14hrs without food. that=MEGA starvation=MEGA fats as your body moves into starvation mode.

When should you stop eating then? Some people say that after 8pm they won't eat anything else. Is it good or bad? Starvation mode right? Well in all honesty it depends on your activity level. Not just physical activity, but mental activity too. Bottom line, if you eat more, make sure you work as much (: I eat after 8pm. yes yes that buttered popcorn (which on its own without butter is actually healthy heh) and Lord of the Rings movie xD but i make sure I work it all off and only do that once in a blueeeee moon.

I know i just scratched the surface briefly. But these are the 3 things i touched on in this post:
1) Get your proportions right.
2) The more processed it is, the less nutrients there are
3) Eat regularly.
4) Eat what you burn, burn what you eat!
I will revisit these topics in more detail soon.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

eh you.

i've posted


i kid.

it's coming